How To: Create SD Card to Update iNAND under Windows

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1. Please download the updated systems image "UpdateiNAND.img" Click to download HIO-1200 Update iNAND image Download

2. Please download the flash image tool "Win32DiskImager" Click to download Win32DiskImager download

3. Open the Win32DiskImager,Select the UpdateiNAND.img and SD Card Device,Click write to start.


4.Copy the four files you want to write into the iNAND into update folder of SD card,

Note: Please make sure the names of the four file are: hio-imx6dl-board.dtb, rootfs.tar.bz2, u-boot.imx, uImage.and the are same to the values in the ./update/update.ini, If use another kind of HIO-board,e.g.<hio-imx6dl-poe>,you must rename uImage--3.10.17-r0-hio-imx6dl-poe-xxx.dtb to hio-imx6dl-poe.dtb,and set the value of dtb=hio-imx6dl-poe.dtb in the update.ini.

5. Insert the SD card into the HIO-EMB-1200, and power it on. Please make sure the setting on HIO-EMB-1200 is booted from SD Card (Check Quick Setup Guide). After flashing the image from SD card to iNAND, switching the setting to boot from onboard iNAND.